Book Preview

MINDMATCH Leadership Self-Coaching System

by Emmett C. Murphy

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Emmett C. Murphy (Leadership IQ & Talent IQ) takes you through a self-examination process to find your MINDMATCHto align your life vision with the values to guide it, the talents to translate into reality and the creative solutions to provide a mindful path to success. Eliminate the rubble of outside influences and look instead inside your own mind.  Based on decades of scientific research, he reveals the true path to becoming an inspirational leader; it will transform how you think and live and will better our world.

These two books present the five steps to finding your MINDMATCH with assessments, analysis, and scripts for implementing and achieving a new and advanced level of integration and clarity. You will have the ability to see alternatives and options you would have never seen before.  It will be life changing.  

This manual contains two complete books, Volume IIntroduction and Workbook, with great assessment tests and in-depth analysis; and Volume II:  Solutions that Work, with answers for specific behavioral issues every leadership plan raises. This is inspirational and invaluable information as you define your own MINDMATCH and position yourself to succeed in any situation!

What our readers are saying:

“The MINDMATCH Process was the best professional physical of my life. Bar none.”
Ben Gerardi, Manager, HP

“Emmett sees things that only a wise and generous person can. He guides you to your MINDMATCH and then helps you put together a custom tailored plan, all the way to what you say, how you say it and when. Thank you is not enough.”
Victoria Johnson, Associate VP, Chase

“Friends told me Emmett understands not just because he’s been a psychologist and coach, but because he’s also been a CEO and entrepreneur who has experienced the ups and downs of business life. They were right. The MINDMATCH Process works because it follows the real path of leadership, not something dreamed up by someone who doesn’t know.”
Steve Lopez, Founder, MP Electric

“The MINDMATCH Handbook for Leaders works so well because Emmett understands what it actually takes to lead and take control of your career and life. Everything rings true because he has coached so many leaders of every rank in so many settings. You could also see that in every example in Volume II, Solutions that Work.”
Frederick Hobby, President, The Institute for Diversity,  American Hospital Association